[Southern California Permaculture] Sustainable Living Tour Sept 29- Oct 10 Southern CA

Wesley Roe and Santa Barbara Permaculture Network lakinroe at silcom.com
Thu Aug 18 10:39:44 PDT 2016

September 29th – October 10th, 2016
Apply Now <http://earthjourneys.typeform.com/to/o3JkqO>
An 11 Day traveling retreat on a biofuel bus practicing methods of community building while learning from leading sustainable living centers. 
Engage with over a dozen sustainable living experts who live what they teach!
Immersive education in our 8 foundations:
Through traveling in community you will learn how to create nourishing relationships by living the practice of open heart communication. You will learn community living structures, emotional intelligence from our experts at the sustainable living centers.
Our modern society has lost emphasis on hard skills that empower us to take control of our environment and become resilient and self-sufficient human beings. Learn hard skills from natural building, farming and wilderness skills to take back our power and create the world we want to live in.
Learn why drought is a choice, and how we can use responsible water management to minimize damage to life and the land, while maximizing the availability of this precious natural resource.
Healthy soil is the key to all of life! Rebuilding our planet’s soils in the task of this generation. We will learn why regenerating soil is key to securing a future of healthy food production and a healthy environment.
How will you integrate the wealth of knowledge and experience gained on this experience into your life and step into your personal power to be the change in the world. You will be empowered with leadership skills and supported to create an action plan to ignite your dreams!
Let’s cultivate positive life habits, release our fears, open our hearts and gain deeper access to our intuition. Through powerfully facilitated transformative work, you will begin to master leading with authenticity and integrity. We acknowledge that in order to transform the planet, we must start by transforming ourselves.
Learn how we can secure our access to healthy and clean food produced while simultaneously regenerating the local ecology. Explore the permaculture principles and the basics of whole system design.
When you consciously connect with nature, you also connect with your essence–your true self.  Living from essence is the key to making choices that will increase your sense of aliveness and joy, while allowing you to tap into your own natural power to create and call forth what you truly desire.
I’m In!  <http://earthjourneys.typeform.com/to/o3JkqO>
Here’s What You Can Expect…
Gain a deep understanding of how to thrive in community through a temporary mobile village experience.
Be inspired and empowered through immersions at leading sustainability and community living demonstration centers.
Reconnect with your intrinsic talents to discover how they can be applied to living a regenerative life.
Take introductory hands-on workshops from leading experts on regenerative living systems to expand your knowledge and apply techniques to your daily life. 
Learn how to tend meaningful relationships that support our personal growth and discover the magic of team synergy and collaboration.
Participate in an unforgettable educational adventure that will create life-long friendships and set you on a path of clarity to who you are and what role you play in the world.
Understand our interconnection with all living beings through guided nature connection experiences.
Create an ACTION PLAN for your calling or project after the tour and present it to the team.
Participate in on-going support calls and gatherings to keep your momentum going- for a whole year.

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