[Southern California Permaculture] 4 Permaculture Magazines to Subscribe too

Wesley Roe and Santa Barbara Permaculture Network lakinroe at silcom.com
Wed May 25 23:58:22 PDT 2016

4 Permaculture Magazines to Subscribe too

PIP Magazine - Australian Permaculture
permaculture and sustainable living magazine written by the community for the community.  www.pipmagazine.com.au/
Editor Robyn Rosenfeldt 

Permaculture Magazine U.K./24 yr
practical solutions beyond sustainability
Editor Maddy Harland

North American Permaculture Magazine 
First offshoot of Permaculture Magazine UK
for Canada, USA and Mexico 
Editors Hannah Apricot Eckberg and Cassie Langstraat

Permaculture Design Magazine /31yr
For the Regeneration of Human Habitat
Editor John Wages

Special Thanks to John Wages Editor of Permaculture Design Magazine  for making space in the Magazine to promote all magazines modified to include Permaculture Design Magazine by  Wesley Roe

Hannah Apricot Eckberg  Cassie Langstraat Maddy Harland Tony Permaculture Rollinson Robyn Rosenfeldt

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