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Here is a description of the book:
 Understanding Roots is my latest book. Yes, this might look like a new version of my best-selling Roots Demystified: Change Your Garden Habits to Help Roots Thrive, but it’s oh so much more, and so different that I’ve given it a new title. See the web site. See: http://www.robertkourik.com/books/understanding-roots.html 
Everybody's first question, of course, is:
Q. How is this book different from Roots Demystified?
A. It has:
Sixty-three more fact-filled pages, with 139 (as opposed to 23) detailed underground root drawings, including:
 A scientific paper illustrating 63 root drawings of dwarf apple trees.
 Root drawings of 13 ornamental and native trees, on varying types of terrain.
Thirteen drawings of standard and dwarf fruit-tree root systems from a rare book published in Hungary.
A living diagram of the roots of a 58-meter-tall redwood tree.
Diagrams comparing root growth of apple trees in sandy versus loamy soils.
And in Addition:
Greater detail on how the soil biota affect root growth.
Updates on the workings of mycorrhizae (beneficial fungi) on plant roots.
Greater detail on how to transplant.
Lists of plants that are proven “dynamic accumulators.”
New discussion on how and where deep-rooted plants get their nutrients.
Research showing increased vegetable yields with the use of grey water.
Exclusive data on the effects of cardboard mulch on roots.
How and why certain plants—including edible vegetables—may accumulate heavy metals.
A list of citations for every scientific paper referred to in each chapter.

Robert Kourik, Metamorphic Press
PO Box 412, Occidental, CA 95465



Author & Publisher
"Understanding Roots"

"Drip Irrigation for Every Landscape and All Climates"

"No-Dig Gardening, for a Healthier Soil & a Sustainable Garden"

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