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** Don't forget the March 28 Polyculture Windbreak Demonstration for Garden
Microclimates **  

Permaculture Institute of Southern California Spring Workshops

Contact Dr. Bill Roley
Permaculture Institute of Southern California
1027 Summit Way
Laguna Beach, CA 02651
Tel  949-494-5843
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Date:		Sunday, March 28, 1999
Title:		Polyculture Windbreak Demonstration for Garden Microclimates 
Location:	Laganza Farms, Aguanga, Ca
		Eos Institute's Permaculture Organic(CCOF)/Biodynamic field-site
		(near Temecula, CA.)

Instructors:	Gabriel Howearth, Designer, Bionational  Coevolution Gardens, 
		Baja, California
		Co-founder Seeds of Change
		Bill Roley, pH., Director, Permaculture Institute of Southern California
Donation:	A donation of $65 is requested per workshop attendee.  Scholarships 
		and work trades are available for a limited number of folks. 

This second one-day workshop will look at fruit tree options for various
zones in
Southern California and identify cultivars that can be grown in these
subtropical/temperate areas. Hand-on cultural techniques and pruning will
be presented to demonstrate state of the art strategies. Exploration of
soil fertility methods using cover crop for orchard  and vegetable row
crops enhancement will be presented with practical activities to engage

You'll participate assist in the design, grow out and planting of  a
microclimate modifier for the garden and orchard. An intermixed
annual/perennial  agroforestry system using legumes, canopy cover crops,
trees, shrubs, grasses and herbs will provide a saleable option to the farm
while creating microclimates of frost free zones for the orchard and gardens.

A seed and seedling nursery was organized at the first workshop to provide
the plant materials for the windbreak and shade canopy designs. Training
for a nursery technologist will provide an internship opportunity in the
Eos/Permaculture Institute's  educational apprenticeship program.

These plantings will become a salable windbreak that improve the life in
the soil. These windbreaks will create microclimates that increase a range
of crop diversity, lengthen the growing season by buffering the
temperatures and wind extremes on the site. The consequence is enhance
fertility of soils, stimulating productivity. giving rise to feeding
plants.  This increases our harvest and economic yield of better quality
nutrition, flavors and vibrancy for our members . The effects of the
implemented design will help to create the long term ecological and
economic sustainability of the farm.

To reserve your place, get directions, and learn about other workshops,
call the PISC!
Phone the PISC:	(949) 494-5843

May 29,  and September 25, 1999
Tres Estrellas Farm for Rancho La Puerta
Tecate, Baja California, Mexico
                          Saturday 9- 4 pm
Gabriel Howearth, Designer, Bionational  Coevolution Gardens, Baja, California
    Co founder Seeds of Change
Bill Roley, pH., Director, Permaculture Institute of Southern California

A tour of the fruit/nut orchard and raised bed gardens that supply fruits and
vegetables to guests at Rancho La Puerta will demonstrate the green engine of
sustainable agriculture. The farm will supply the back drop for a stimulating
group of exercises in  gardening technologies and pest management. Emphasis
will be on fertility management, crop rotation, planting patterns/cycles,
irrigation and harvesting strategies. These opportunities will provide hand-on
permaculture experiences in a bilingual atmosphere. Sarah Liva Brightwood,
Garden Creator/Permaculture Designer and Enrique Ceballos, Biologist and
Nursery Horticulturist will be our hosts. 

Opportunities to visit "Las Piedras" the environmental education center for
the local schools at nearby Parque del Professor. The park was created by
Fundacion La Puerta in memory of Professor Edmond Szekely, philosopher and
founder of Rancho La Puerta. "Las Piedras" was designed by Cellos and
Brightwood with assistance from James and Drew Hubbell, the sculptured
classrooms are built within the bouldered landscape. Together with miles of
interpretative trails in the rich natural spaces around Parque del Professor,
they provide learning experiences and a living curriculum for the children of
Tecate. The first phase of activities includes a collaboration with PROBEA, an
environmental literacy teachers training program co-sponsored by the San Diego
Natural History Museum.

Fee: A donation of $65 is requested to cover costs for the day-long
workshop, and includes lunch


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