Artemis snnewcomer at
Sat Mar 20 21:40:33 PST 1999

Hi, Permies--

Since work has occupied too much of my time lately I am behind in the
more fun things like email.  Anyway, The P.S. about having people
introduce themselves to the other members of this list finally came to
light and I decided to reply.

I am one of the folks who took the permaculture design course taught by
Bill Mollison and Scott Pittman in Ojai, CA in June of 1997.  I am a
librarian and information management consultant by profession and have
been an organic gardener for many years. 

On my company web site I have placed a bibliography of reference
materials that would be of interest to permaculture enthusiasts as well
as anyone with an interest in sustainable agriculture, alternative
energy sources, appropriate technology etc.  The bibliography is located
at the following URL: 

I look forward to getting to know more people in Southern California who
share an interest in permaculture and sustainable living.


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