[Orange County, CA Permaculture] Episode 1555: Standing in Two Worlds with Taj Scicluna, The Perma Pixie/great interview

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Episode 1555: Standing in Two Worlds with Taj Scicluna, The Perma Pixie

For the episode today Taj Scicluna, also known as The Perma Pixie http://www.thepermapixie.com , joins me to talk about practicing permaculture right now, where we are, in the culture and world we live in. We discuss the state of the permaculture design course in the United States and Australia, and the broader conversations going on around what that training is and what should be included during a course. With that is also some talk of self care, so that as practitioners we don’t get frustrated or burned out, but can continue on our path while remaining whole. We also touch on the importance of finding your own niche, and understanding your personal needs and wants so you can practice authentically, and not create more harm than good, or to compare what we do with others, but to be who we are and do what we do.

Whether you are new to permaculture or have been practicing a while, this interview is a good refresher on why you matter and the importance of finding time to take care of yourself while tending to Earth.

You can find out more about Taj and her work at thepermapixie.com, which includes her upcoming calendar, blog, videos, and lots of other information.

When it comes to that idea of living in two worlds most of us, one way or another, exist with one foot in the permaculture world and another in a larger society that doesn’t share our goals of creating the world we want to live in. That can become frustrating, and lead to burnout and other hard to manage difficulties that make it feel easier to drop out of one of these worlds and fully inhabit the other. To find a community to live in and let go of transforming the larger culture towards a more regenerative one. Or on the other side to embrace that culture and let go of permaculture practices and leave it to someone else to do that work. I can understand the appeal of both and have considered doing either one, and have considered doing both myself. The need to remain in place, and work in both communities, holds me here, however. By remaining where we are, doing what we do, and embracing both sides, we give more to either, and transform not only permaculture, but also the larger culture towards one of regeneration and sustainability.
How do you keep yourself centered and manage caring for Earth, yourself, and others, as a member of your society?

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