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Thu May 16 21:26:22 PDT 2019

Santa Barbara Permaculture Presents


Reverse Climate Change with Marine Permaculture

Strategies for Ocean Regeneration 


with Dr. Brian von Herzen of the Climate Foundation


Friday Evening Talk, May 31, 6:30-9pm  2019

Admission $5, Students Free


Fe Bland/BC Forum, SBCC West Campus

800 Block of Cliff Drive, Santa Barbara, CA 93109


Saturday Workshop, June 1, 9:30am -12:30pm


Admission $20, Students Free (must preregister on Eventbrite
rine-permaculture-tickets-61910816920> )


Antioch University Santa Barbara Campus





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Please join Santa Barbara Permaculture as we host Dr. Brian von Herzen,
Executive Director of the Climate Foundation, discussing Marine
Permaculture, one of the key strategies featured in the ground-breaking and
bestselling book Drawdown: the Most Comprehensive Plan Ever Proposed to
Reverse Global Warming.


With every breath we take, we can thank the ocean for the oxygen we breathe.
Our oceans feed us, and contribute to the world's economy in the trillions
of dollars, and when healthy, naturally sequester enormous amounts of carbon
from the atmosphere.  But with rapidly rising temperatures and increased
pollution, ocean ecosystems have been mightily challenged.  Vast aquatic
deserts, devoid of life, have formed across the globe.  


Dr. Brian von Herzen has been studying the decline of ocean ecosystems for
more than a decade.  Astonished by the rapidity of their decline, von Herzen
wants to change this by restoring marine life with thousands of new kelp
forests along the worlds coastlines, with what he calls Marine Permaculture.


Recognizing plankton and kelp forests are key to ocean ecosystem recovery
and that they require cool nutrient-rich waters to thrive, unlike the
blanket of warm surface waters caused by global warming, von Herzen, along
with his Climate Foundation team, invented Marine Permaculture Arrays
(MPA's).  MPA's are lightweight latticed structures, roughly a half a square
mile in size, to which kelp can attach.  Attached buoys rise and fall with
the waves, powering pumps that bring up colder, nutrient-rich waters from
far below to the surface platforms. Kelp soak up the nutrients and grow.


Once these kelp beds are established, other marine life returns, in time
restoring an ecosystem that has benefits for people and the planet.
Enhanced habitat for fish to thrive in and multiply, food security for
growing populations, feedstocks for animals, kelp fertilizers for farm
fertility, biofuels for energy, and of course, vastly increased
sequestration of atmospheric carbon.


With reforestation of our oceans, Dr. von Herzen and the Climate Foundation
feel we can solve global warming in our lifetime. 


Dr. Brian von Herzen obtained degrees in physics, engineering and planetary
science from Princeton and Caltech, respectively, where he was a Hertz
Fellow.  At Princeton, Brian worked closely with Woods Hole Oceanographic
Institute <https://www.whoi.edu/>  (WHOI).  His dissertation on global
climate models validated orbital variation effects on climate.  Von Herzen
serves as Executive Director of the Climate Foundation
<http://www.climatefoundation.org/%20).>  and leads projects on land and sea
with research groups in India, Africa, USA and the Pacific Ocean.  Von
Herzen serves as an advisor with the Drawdown Project
<https://www.drawdown.org/> .   He also researched, developed and
commercialized biochar reactors for improved sanitation
in areas that have no way to effectively handle human waste, with additional
benefits of biochar as a by-product used for increased soil fertility.


The evening talk takes place on Friday, May 31, from 6:30 - 9pm at the Fe
Bland/BC Forum on the SBCC West Campus, 800 block of Cliff Dr, 93109.    A
Saturday morning workshop follows on June 1, from 9:30-12:30pm, and will
take place at the Antioch University Santa Barbara campus (must
preregister).  For more information contact: margie at sbpermaculture.org
<mailto:margie at sbpermaculture.org> , 805-962-2571, www.sbpermaculture.org. 



A Community Event Hosted by

 <http://www.sbpermaculture.org;/> Santa Barbara Permaculture Network


Part of the Santa Barbara Permaculture Network Civics 101 for Climate Change


Co-sponsors: Santa Barbara Permaculture Network, El Capitan Canyon Resort,
SBCC Environmental Horticulture, Antioch University Santa Barbara, Blue Sky
Biochar, Teeccino, Santa Barbara Aquaponics, & the Santa Barbara Independent


Marine Permaculture Event Facebook Page



Learn More:


Workshop Registration: Eventbrite

(Sat, June 1, 9:30am-12:30pm, must preregister)


Marine Permaculture How it Works! Video:



Marine Permaculture in the Words of Brian von Herzen - Video:

 <https://youtu.be/WpQSW3C7SqE> https://youtu.be/WpQSW3C7SqE


The Climate Foundation
 <http://www.climatefoundation.org/> http://www.climatefoundation.org/ 

Drawdown Podcast Interview with Brian von Herzen:












(805) 962-2571
P.O. Box 92156, Santa Barbara, CA 93190
margie at sbpermaculture.org
 <http://www.sbpermaculture.org/> http://www.sbpermaculture.org

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