[Los Angeles, CA Permaculture] Free exotic seeds to good garden

Stephanie Rioux srioux at alum.calarts.edu
Sat Jun 3 11:06:30 PDT 2017


A friend of mine from Florida, a guy with a big heart, has gifted me with a
host of exotic seeds and bulbs which, unfortunately, I've nowhere to plant,
as I live in an apartment.Included in this cornucopia are some edibles.
Here is the list:

Calliandra rose cascade
Buhinia tomatosa
Elephant yams
Devil's trumpet (Datura)
and Xanthosoma albo marginata (Mickey Mouse taro)

If anyone out there has a good home for these plant friends and can promise
that they will indeed be planted and cared for, please do drop me a line.
We can arrange shipping, which of course I will cover.

Remember when you reply not to reply all.

Kind regards,

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